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Tallahassee [MAFIADOGS C4] by northbite Tallahassee [MAFIADOGS C4] by northbite

General Information

Name: Tallahassee.
Identification Name: Cowboy.
------> A man on the team recognized this mutt from a family member's farm. It was chosen not to remove him from the experiment.
Age: 5 years.
Gender: Male (Cisgendered; uncut).
Breed: Capo Cane D'Italia.
--------> Blue with points, white irish collar.
Mate: N/A
-------> Has mated in the past; has children somewhere in the world.
Sexual Orientation: Bisexual.
Has romantic and sexual feelings towards males and females.
Voice: Andrew Lincoln as Rick Grimes.
-------> Rick Grimes

Parents: Bullet (whereabouts unknown), Trixie (whereabouts unknown)
Siblings: Unknown.
Children: Whereabouts isn't public knowledge. Tallahassee, however, knows where they are.


:bulletgreen: +Family-oriented +Playful +Humorous +Hard-Working 

:bulletyellow: =Protective =Stubborn =Slutty

:bulletred: -Prejudiced -Unforgiving -Harsh -Nosey 



Tallahassee grew up on a human farm outside of the city. He was raised in a family-oriented environment which ranked the importance of it's members by how much hard work they put into the farm. Tallahassee's teenage arrogancy and laziness was beat out of him very quickly as his father told him rather harshly that he was going to be forced to leave if he did not provide. So, the young dog did. 

1-3 Years 

Tallahassee was in line to become a catchdog like his mother and father both; used primarily for hunting and destroying wild hogs that found their way onto good folk's properties and destroying their crops and land. He was a natural, despite the complications of his childhood, and quickly attracted the attention of the neighboring farm's females... And males. During this time, he dabbled in his sexuality, sleeping with a variety of dogs... Until his father found out he had impregnated a female, one whom he had not dedicated himself to. When his father confronted him about it, he lied. Only a few nights later, however, he was woken by his father dragging him off of the property. Obviously, his father had discovered his lie, and after thoroughly ripping his son apart, he threw the young dog off of the property and told him that if he ever laid eyes on his son, he would kill him. 

So Talla, heartbroken and torn apart by the guilt his father had bestowed on him that night, he ventured forward to try to find a place to call home. A short few months later, he located Di Trieste, and Vice. It took little time for him to adopt the Trieste lifestyle, especially with his newly installed family values that he had so recently learned. 


Now, having lived in Trieste for so long, Tallahassee is a working family man. He strives to better himself quite consistently, and during his trials and tribulations in the pack, he's only enstilled his natural confidence and humour to help others. He's still Tallahassee with hints of his teenage self, but he has grown and matured.

Random Tidbits

--------> Southern accent.
--------> Can sometimes take humour to slightly offensive levels, but he means well.
--------> Will not tolerate laziness.
--------> Familiar to his father, he weighs people's value by their hard work.

Theme Songs

Nothing so far, will be updated.
Flufferooni Featured By Owner Feb 10, 2016  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Oooh such a nice design! OuO
northbite Featured By Owner Feb 10, 2016  Student Digital Artist
Thanks! He was originally designed by Kach- I should probably write that somewhere... But yeah! <3
Flufferooni Featured By Owner Feb 10, 2016  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Aaah he looks awesome though! quq
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